Storm in a life time

My life is like the Sunrise on a stormy day. It starts bright enough, as the Sun illuminates the sky. It chases away the darkness and brings everything into focus before you see the clouds. As darkness slips its veil from view, the light brings forth hope, and a new beginning, then the grey clouds become visible. The prospect of a dismal storm lies ahead.

We look out over the ominously named Winter Hill, its visibility determines the day ahead. If the mast is visible and the clouds hold back the day will be fair, but if not and there is not even a sails breath in the sky then we know a storm is upon us. As is my life. For I wake with hope and a clear vision of the day ahead as my mind ponders. Then the overwhelming doubts of my thoughts cloud my vision.

The Sun is breaking through here. We have gone from a bright Sunrise to a cloudy overcast vista, as she struggled to shine the Sun has at last, won her day, the golden light reflecting off the Autumn leaves. Winter Hill is slowly clearing as will the fog in my mind.

One thing at a time. For time is all I have and I have so much of it. This morning I have realised that time never ending, is squandered. If we have no place to go we are lost on life’s path, the crossroads and junctions are no longer a question, they are just points that we ignore as we travel blindly through them.

As a writer I am stuck, as an artist I have stopped to admire the view, and my home has become my prison. A place where the guards check to see if I am keeping on top of everything, which I am not. This is my life, this is my storm. The storm I create every day.

I protect myself from the storm, I avoid going out in the rain, I shout back at the thunder and I delight at the spectacle that is the lightning, by having purpose. When there is no purpose I do not cover myself and I drown in the waters of despair, the thunder frightens me, and the lightning blinds me. Purpose is my protection from the storm.

As the Sun rose this morning it was bright and it lit up my World through my window. The storm now gathers outside and within. I will put on my rain coat as I leave the house today and avoid getting rained on. I will have purpose today to avoid the storm leaving me desolate and broken. I too, as the Sun has won her day, will win this day in purpose.

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