Alcohol induced twaddle

I decided that the preservation of fruit is humanities greatest discovery. I’m going to be making marmalade this week. 3kilos of Seville oranges, 2.8kilos of sugar, 2 lemons and the secret ingredient, an apple. And Glava. In June there’s the strawberry jams and then plum jam and finally the preservation of pears in brandy. But my favourite form of preservation is grape juice. Plus its the only one that I can’t do. I Can make raspberry mead and cherry brandy, even liquorice vodka. But I can’t make wine. There are lots you can buy and it can be made with elderflowers and other stuff native to England, but nothing beats good wine made in a vineyard. I’m not a connoisseur, in fact I’m like most English, I find a drink I like and I stick with it. Mark likes his TCP, a peaty Scottish single malt. Personally I think it should be labelled disinfectant and used to clean toilets. I like a single malt with a smoother touch. Something we will forever disagree on, good job we can buy two different kinds. But wine is different, because we are not great drinkers we have to agree before opening a bottle. The first decision is red or white. White is an easy choice, we always have a German white in the cupboard and it goes well with a rugby match. Rugby matches are also times when Mark cooks steak and we slurp our way through an artisan beer. Just the one bottle.
Tennis is for me red wine time, or a small Rose. This is where I bow down to the supermarkets. The inventor of the mini bottle was a genius. Except they don’t make the wine we like in small bottles. The reds are easy for us, common Pinotage anyone? Then there is the non alcohol wines, serious, try them, they are amazing. Refreshing and sparkling, clean and crisp without the effects. These no alcoholic wines are not to be confused with alcohol removed wines, they are not to my taste, I find them bitter.
The point is, preserving is a good idea. Honey in the form of mead, grapes as wine, oranges as marmalade. Not to mention pickles and chutney, jam and onion. I mean what genius made vinegar then decided to use it to preserve onions?
There is a marmalade competition on in March and for the past couple of years I’ve thought about going. Just as I have thought about going to beer festivals, wine tastings and cheese shows. Yes cheese, my favourite way of preserving milk, for that’s all it is. Move over freezer, there has been preservation of food long before you were invented.
I’ve been doing the yearly pickles and preserves for as long as I can remember, I give most away and I enjoy the results of hours in the kitchen. I suppose in a way even the Christmas pudding made on Stirup Sunday and the Christmas cake and mincemeat are a way of preserving fruit. I’ve salted beef, potted duck and jarred stewed apples. Oh yes I’m a right Mrs Beaton when it comes down to it, but I still can’t make wine. So with a night ahead of me, a good film about to start and half a bottle of Pinotage still to get through I say goodnight.
Its good to be able to share the meanderings of my mind with others. Even if it is alcohol induced twaddle.
I bare no resemblance to any clock ups in grammar or spelling in this evenings post.
Jenny. X

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