It all began….

It all began…

Doesn’t that annoy you? I mean really, did it?

When you start to read a story and the first words are, “it all began”, or “it began…”

It did not, they are fibbing, unless it’s a biography in which the author begins his story after all the pushing and puffing has finished and a new life comes into the World. Sorry but I’m not going to get into the argument on when is a cell a human being. I’ll leave that to the theologists and the biologists to argue over.

Stories begin where we want them to. My motto in life is, “today is the first day of the rest of my life.” It has to be, for me it makes sense. When I wake up in the morning and the calendar has changed to the next date, when I no longer have the opportunity to change what happened yesterday, unless of course I work for Disney, when there are sixteen hours in front of me to do something worthwhile. Today is my beginning, just as yesterday, the day before and tomorrow, and the next day.

If you are like me, which would make you a very strange person, you read a book and start to wonder what happened before this. I’m reading Catch 22 at the moment and short of the author doing a flash back scene, I start to imagine how the characters grew up and what their life was like before the book. It’s just a thing of mine. I also like to finish up stories of the films I’ve watched. I’ve already written Part II of Infinity Wars, several times. Haven’t we all?

Jack Sparrow is now the Governor of Jamaica, Judy Robinson has gone back to Earth and found a cure for the biological warfare weapons the aliens have been dropping. The Lost in Space series on Netflix may have ended but mine is on series 14. I have a vivid imagination, so when a story starts with, “It all began”, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it as well, I start to imagine what happened to get to the beginning.

I’ve recently read The Hobbit and Tolkien was actually very good at what happened before the beginning, by shoving in tasty morsels of history in the dialogue, I only wish the films had done a bit more of it, or even started at the beginning, although having stretched the films out and added to them as much as they did, I don’t think even I could have watched another three films. Yer, I could, if I’m honest.

Last night was curry and film night for us. We opted for a The Fifth Wave, and for Expendables 3. The Fifth Wave nailed it, perfect, it had a beginning and a middle and left the ending wide open for another film, or a series, and for my imagination to run riot. Expendables 3 left a warm fuzzy feeling. I knew the story, I have watched the first two films, and even though 3 has a whole new bunch of heroes my fuzzy feelings are still with the more mature hunks. (Read into that what you will but Statham still gets me)

If they were to write a book or make a film of your life, where would it begin? Mine wouldn’t be here, it wouldn’t be today, even though today is, the first day of the rest of my life. There have been too many dull and exciting moments in my life to pick one that changed me or made my life noteworthy, and it is, and so if you think about it is yours.

I could begin at the first breath, but that would be boring. I could start at my childhood, but all of that, even my teenage years was a history of mishaps and although heart rendering, making me the woman I am today, I don’t think the film would rate well at the box office. You could say my life began when I married and I found out that I wasn’t in fact attached to anyone. For that is what being married to Mark has taught me. Strange as that may sound I actually feel more of an individual than I was when I was on my own.

It all began for me the day I woke up and decided to ask for help, something that I had desperately tried to avoid. I had spoken to Mark, he was a friend of a friend, and we hit it off quite well, so the beginning had a history. My film would have that information in the form of dialogue when telling a friend how Mark and I first met. My film would skip merrily through the courting and the wedding and then it would come to today. I would leave the audience with a clear picture of who I was, showing my dining room full of my art work, my lap top open and my house in disarray. But as for the beginning and the rest of the story, well I still have to write that, and I can do anything I want. I want to make it a story worth reading and a film worth watching so I have to go out and do something exciting.

If today is the first day of your life, what would you do that would make your life worth writing about? Maybe it’s time to write the adventure, after all, it all begins somewhere, why not here?

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