Order and belief

I have a confession to make, I have never seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it never appealed to me, until now. Follow my logic, covered in massage oil in grey cotton PJ’s, lights low, tinkle tinkle music coming through the ceiling, I was reminded of a film I’ve never seen, never wanted to see and don’t know anything about. I was also reminded that not everyone on this planet has sat through the hour upon hour of Marvel movies to be left flummoxed and bewildered by the latest edition of Infinity Wars or left with split sides after watching Deadpool 2.

All I did was move my cup and the conversation started. We were at the Spa, that once in a blue moon treat I share with no one, absolutely no one else. It’s mine, all mine, I covert the afternoon of pummelling, pampering and poking. I leave feeling exhausted, but the following day I get up knowing that the blades in my shoulders are actually moveable. All hail, the masseuse.

Sat being uber intelligent and reading Jordan Petersons new book, 12 Rules for Life. I will add that I am finding the book interesting and funny. I was ploughing through the Chaos, Order and Consciousness concept when a young couple came and sat on the chaise lounges. The young woman was quick to engage in conversation, excited to tell the World, which at that time was me, that they were getting married in seven weeks. Order out of Chaos, they were having a day’s break from the wedding planning. I can’t say that I understand the wedding frenzy, I have a friend who is going through the same thing and she is constantly threating.

Interlude: Mark and I choose a simple registrars wedding. It was perfect and I will cherish my, erh I mean our choices for the day, forever.

She was Greek, Blonde and definitely Greek. I could tell, but myself being born of Jewish descent we got on to the conversation of race, religion and traditions. Her Grandmother on her father’s side was Jewish, which although there are a million Jewish people out there that would disagree, makes her part Jewish, sod the traditions, the young woman whose name I rudely forgot to ask, was Catholic. Which, in my mind makes her cosmopolitan.

My imagination going into overdrive, I visualised the fabulous wedding with all the traditions rolled into one. I promised I would tell the World that the young woman was a Fabulous Greek Jew, which I have, and she was. Bold and bright and full of life.

She reminded me, hang on, I can’t keep calling her “She”, I’m going to give her a name. From hence forthwith, now on forever, the Fabulous Greek Jew (Do you think I’m over doing it a bit now?) shall be known as Rebecca.

Let’s tie this all together, do you believe in the law of attraction, coincidence, that overwhelming urge for the Universe to put everything into perspective, to throw a few hints your way if it feels that you are fluffing up? Well I do. Let’s go back. Remember I’m sitting in a relaxation room in the Spa in my PJ’s because they never make dressing gowns for these places big enough to go across the chest, with tinkle tinkle music, talking about the Chaos of organising a wedding whilst reading about Chaos by a psychologist. To add to that, I write a blog. No not this one, I write poetry, I know, strange huh. I checked my blog to find that a lovely young man had liked my poem of the day, so I popped over to his site, and what do you know, his weekly blog this week was on Philo of Alexandria.

I have another confession to make, another one. I’m a bit of a book worm and the World of Greek sillyphosothy is a pet study of mine. Only in a mild way, I mean I’m not one of these people that believe that script written more than 2000 years ago can in anyway be applied to the way we live today. (A direct dig at religion) If you are interested then pop over and take a read https://perfectchaos.org/2018/05/25/philo-of-alexandria/

In a nutshell. Philo was, now get this, a Greek Jew. No, really, cross my heart, I would not lie to you, well I might fib a bit, and pull your leg and exaggerate, and maybe, just maybe, sometimes make up stories, but this would be the God’s honest truth if I believed in God.

We talked about many things, books and films and our origins. She now lived not far from where my friend’s wedding will be held. Some 150 miles away. Her Father owned a business in a town not 20 miles from where I grew up, again 118 miles in the opposite direction from her home town. The one thing that connected us, was our love of life. Being some twenty-five years younger than myself I looked upon this young woman with envy, for she had the rest of her life in front of her.

We parted without giving names and with no hope of ever seeing each other again. A Greek Jew and a Jewish atheist sharing our hopes, our dreams, our past and our thoughts. The chaos she now encounters as she prepares to marry, is a chaos I know all too well and I wish her the very best in her life’s journey.

Connections are strange things, I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe that there is a force that holds us all together. We drift through life and we try desperately to understand it and explain it. The Philosophers of the past. Philo who was taught the script of the Tora written by men supposedly from the Words of God, his work on why we are here and trying desperately to reconcile his teachings and his observations. Today’s explorers of men’s reasoning, Jordon Peterson, Steve Peters, Rhonda Byrne, yes even her, everyone is trying to grab a piece of understanding. But what if the entity, God, the Universe, or even the Earth itself doesn’t really care. What if it just allows us to float around and make our own mistakes and discoveries and everybody is supposed to be different, crazy even, what if crazy is normal…that’s a different story. Our connections would count, right. When we meet someone, it is for a reason, even if that reason is just because you need someone to talk to. That force that holds everything in this Universe gives us the opportunity to connect, it’s up to us as to whether we do so or not.

What if it doesn’t matter whether you are Neo Pagan, a Greek Jew or a Catholic, what if Chaos and Order are both random. That’s enough of philosophy I just thought that meeting Rebecca at that time, in that place was too much of a coincidence, considering my readings at the time. Maybe, just maybe, the divine is trying to tell me something.

Oh well, never mind, right now, my stomach is telling me that it thinks my mouth has gone on strike. I need food, and I think I’ve given you enough food for thought, even if it is just the ramblings of a calamitous old woman.


  1. Order. Chaos. I look at the legacy of chaos given the world by Marx, Freud, Nietzche, and Darwin. Atheist materialism has done its share of damage to the world and civilization. So go ahead, take a dig at religion. Opine away. Enjoy your well-crafted emptiness.


    • You will have to reread. I am a person that believes we should all connect despite our different beliefs. I was hoping that as a student of philosophy that would be clear.


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