Highs and Lows

I’ve been through valleys,
High and low,
I’ve seen the Sun rise and fall,
I’ve watched the ebb,
And flow of time,
The Sea with pity and rage.
I’ve been the shoulder,
The confidant,
The one who screams,
And declares,
I’m not to blame,
It’s not my fault,
This life is not a game.
I have played the loser,
The victim of,
The Worlds cruel jokes,
And all the lies,
Now I see the open sky,
The light before my eyes.
I’ve been through valleys,
Travelled the plains,
I don’t want to have to,
Do it again.
I want to settle,
Where I am,
Becalmed and left alone.
I’m an adventurer,
Of a different kind,
It’s time to explore,
My own home.
So, armed with intention,
And a wish,
My determination as my shield,
I’ll see to all the highs and lows,
To troubles I’ll never yield.


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