Internal war

I’m about to face my nemesis,
The fury of my rage,
About to stand and fight,
Ready to engage.

I’m about to raise the army,
That I have so recently found,
To open up old wounds,
Is it worth it, do I stand my ground.

It’s time to fight the fight,
As all good soldiers know,
It could a bloody slaughter,
Justice as my bow.

It could end as just a skirmish,
Or the fight to end the war,
But one thing that I know,
It will touch me to the core.

The battle that ensues,
Is the one that will set me free,
The internal fight for peace,
The fight that is with me.

I know that I am worth it,
Worth defending, worth the time,
But I have to convince the rest of me,
Especially my mind.

This battle won’t be over,
Until I am released,
Until the doubt and worry,
Gives way to internal peace.

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