Happy New Year

This morning I awake,
The house in disarray,
Boxes, paper, dirty dishes,
I wish they’d go away.

I need a helping hand,
Maybe two or five or more,
But no one’s coming to my aid,
No one’s knocking at my door.

The festive seasons in full swing,
It’s the lull before the Eve,
For New Year is approaching,
2018 ready to take it’s leave.

This morning I awake,
Another Christmas over,
I know I’m getting old,
I did it whilst I was sober.

The lull before the celebration,
Of welcoming the year ahead,
I know where I will be,
Tucked up in my bed.

The dishes will always be there,
The bins will always be full,
The paper, books and paintings,
Cluttering up the hall.

This morning I awake,
Four more days to clear,
To make my house look tidy,
To welcome in a brand new year.

It isn’t going to happen,
Tis the season to make a mess,
Believe me when I say,
I really do my best.

Tomorrow I’ll awaken,
Three more days to go,
Another year of dishes, boxes, rubbish,
This much I truly know.

Never to be daunted,
I’ll set my goals in stone,
But the one that will be missing,
Is to have a tidy home.

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