Luminous Green and my Number 8

What makes me tick. I will never apologise for my foibles, I’m a FB’er. Yesterday the meme went up “12 things that a woman should know”. It’s been removed by a third party, so I can’t show you. Spoilsports the lot of them. I got into a conversation about Number 8. It went something like, “don’t envy the woman that you think has everything as she most probably envies you”. I told my friend that she was my number 8. No literally. She is a tad loud, and a pocket rocket. But she is awesome. I don’t know what goes on behind those closed doors of hers, but I know that there are times when I wish my life was more Lizzy, than Jenny. That doesn’t mean I’d swop. My friend on the other hand would love to be able to paint and bake the way I do. Swings and roundabouts people. I’ll bake her cakes and she can provide the entertainment, she is a very funny lady.

I celebrate the differences and still look on her life and say Wow, isn’t she doing well.

I interact with a lot of bloggers. Writers, poets, and artists. I have swopped poems with a New York Poet, had sillyphosical debates with a missionary in Liberia, sent paintings to friends in America and generally look upon their lives and think, I’d like to do that one day.

Well yesterday I did something silly, and I loved it. There’s this guy. He writes a blog on here called Little Fears. Funny Git. The puns are awful, so awful that they make my sides split. He draws his characters and they come to life as he records the short stories in his sultry London voice. I miss that accent.

I’ve been dying to paint one of his characters and must admit I have stolen a few of them with the intention of portraying them in oils. But I’m an honest type of gal and so I waited until I could ask for his permission.

It was a go. Monday morning, I got the all clear to copy his art work.

Interlude: I’m simple. The small pleasures in life get me excited. Walking in the rain, a tasty scone, hang on I’ll be back….

…That was tasty.

Where was I, oh yes, simple things. Painting pictures.

I’ve been stuck at home with a cold. It’s horrendous. I’m on all types of artificial life givers, meds that is. One of the ‘life savers” gives you a cough, soon ditched that one. The problem is I’ve now got a bloody cold and a sore throat and I can’t see people that have cancers, chemo, and complications, in case I spread the bug. So being told I could paint The Little Fears, got me rather excited, such a simple thing. Or so I thought.

I got started before I walked the pup, which was a mistake. She was not amused that her toiletry habits were being messed with because I was playing at being an artist. She protested in the strongest possible way. I now have a dog that I am willing to rent out to any assassins that are considering chemical warfare. One sniff and you’re dead. She was even less impressed when we returned to find I hadn’t put her food out. What can I say, The muse got me and I got carried away. The pup is not a complete artiophobic. (Couldn’t find a phobia for art work so I had to be creative) By the time I had finished for the day she had managed to help out and now sports a rather dashing red oil paint collar. I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even use red!

Almost finished I stepped back, but hang on. I can tell you now, out of the colours I have in my considerable stock of oil paints I could not find a luminous green, a violet hue a cerulean blue, or whatever. The amazon app to the rescue, nope, nope, nope, and nope, then on to several art sites. Finally, the colours I needed. You see you don’t get much call for Cerulean, Violets and Luminous greens on landscapes.

Found them and I’m now waiting patiently for the colours to arrive. If you take a look at The Little Fears site, you’ll see that his characters are subtly drawn and precisely scribbled. Do I envy him? I course I do. I spend hours on my painting and wish I could whip up characters like that. He’s not my number 8. But I do wish I could have his sense of humour.

If I had my way I would have The Little Fears Humour, Lizzies horses and her pocket rocket attitude, my husband’s patience and my last clients house. The problem is, would I have to give up what makes me tick to have everything they have. I can borrow Little Fears Humour as I unashamedly share his jokes, his art and his posts on FB. I can go and see Lizzies horses any time I want to without have to get mucky. I figure Marks patience is my blessing, after all no one else would put up with me. As for the house, well that’s another story.

My art it seems, is what makes me tick. I can’t do much whilst I’m coughing and sputtering, but I can paint.

“Oooo look luminous green.” I’ll just get a tissue.

When the painting is finished I’ll let you see the finished product, if he lets me. In the meantime, go and take a look at his site, I dare you not to laugh out loud, and cringe and be thoroughly entertained.


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