What Sleep Have I

What sleep have I,
Or have I not,
How long I slept,
How much I got.

An hour here,
A restless night,
I tried and tried,
As much I might.

I think I slept,
It must be morn,
As from my slumber,
I’m rudely torn.

An hour here,
A snippet there,
Look at the clock,
I think I dare.

Two hours then,
I’ll have to rise,
I’ll be awake,
With swollen eyes.

What sleep have I,
That I can take,
From now till morn,
When I must wake.

A restless night for the third night running. I turn to my writing. Poetry, something I haven’t written for a while. It’s 5am and I’ve been up for over an hour. I’ll give it one last try, take an hour or two before I have to start the day.

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