Far Off Fantasy

Leapt from the page,
The words that formed,
A picture in my mind.

They swirled around,
Lit up my World,
Until they could combine.

A chalice and a knight,
A crooked Tower,
There before me.

The forest where,
I found myself,
In splendid natural glory.

I fought my way,
Through monsters wild,
With axe and sword and shield.

I knew I could not waiver,
To the monsters,
I would not yield.

Exhausted I left the scene,
With the hero safely sleeping,
In his bed.

I knew the time had come,
To return home and leave behind,
The stories in my head.

Back on the page,
The book lay closed,
The battle raged without me.

Tonight, I will return,
To take my place,
In this far off fantasy.

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