A sour taste

When sour is the taste
That stains,
The way you feel,
The awkward pains.

When nothing seems,
To go your way,
And you know it’s you,
It’s just not your day.

The kettle breaks,
The light just flickers,
And you’ve run out,
Of your favourite knickers.

The News is bad,
Nothing has changed,
The World is knackered,
The rulers deranged.

The dog just sighs,
Won’t move her butt,
She’s taken the sofa,
The manky mutt.

You think about,
The days of glee,
The days when you,
Were young and free.

The taste that now,
Sours your mouth,
Your waist is gone,
The rest gone South.

Leaves you feeling,
Old and battered,
The bodies broken,
The mind in tatters.

You take your meds,
Refill your cup,
You know it’s time,
That you woke up.

Clean your teeth,
Shake off the doubt,
Wash out the sourness,
From your mouth.

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