Dreaming of Gremlins

Lost in a dream,
A world created,
My thoughts,
Are mine,
Not unrelated,
To the world,
I occupy,
Where you know me,
And I know why.
There is a place,
Within my head,
Where I go,
Whilst in my bed.
It is a world,
For me alone,
Where I can live,
Create a home.
Go where I choose,
Be satisfied
Now and again,
I go to hide.

A voice I hear,
Inside my head,
It interferes,
Comes to my bed.
The dream I’m in,
It changes,
The home I’m in,
It rearranges.
Dark corridors,
I fight to flee,
I can’t retreat,
It’s scaring me.

When he appears,
The dark and the gloom,
The gremlin brings,
Into the room.
The gremlin gets,
Its sweet revenge,
Its twists the dream,
Now and again.
The gremlin takes,
Away my choices,
Replaces dreams,
Makes awful noises,
A nightmare forms,
It’s takes its toll.
Until I wake,
Take back control.

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