I like Candy and Agrocadoes

I’ve been away from life for a few weeks, months, years, popping in and out now and again to the real world to see what’s going on and then going back into my space where no one else can find me. Whilst here I discovered why kids get addicted to games. Candy Crush. It’s a game. If you haven’t heard of it I don’t know where you have been hiding. Candy Crush gave me a kick up the proverbial the other day and I now laugh every time I think about it.

I am a weight loss champion. If it was a competition I would have a gold medal by now. Am I sleek and slim, am I heck as like! But I can lose weight, over the years I’ve lost masses however I have put it all back on again and again.

“This time will be different.” I tell myself.

“This time I know what I’m doing.”

Then they go and change the rules. Don’t cook fruit, it’s synful. Don’t eat bananas, too fatty, avocadoes have an ongoing double indemnity clause. They have been cleared of being bad for you, but they are too fatty, it’s good fat, but it has lots of calories, and points and syns. If I were an avocado I’d put a leather jacket and sit on the edge of the fruit aisle. “Dare ya, go on, dare ya!”

I was on one of those levels that just won’t be beaten, and being a tight arse, I refuse to pay money to buy more lives so I’d wait until they had replenished and I could go at it again. This one had count down bombs, 17 strikes and you were out with only 25 moves and all you had to do was get a cherry off the board. Easy right, kids do it. Logically you kill the bombs first and then get the cherry to the escape door. Would this game play ball? Nope not even near. Three days I struggled and for three days I went over and over the same first moves. Rather like a chess player that plays that one game he won the junior championship with and now in his seventies he gets lucky with it from time to time so swears by it.

I finally got fed up and started to play just to see the big bang theory of the Candy Man. Mind numbing drivel. I was so used to losing that when I did win I had no idea how, nor if I actually had. The only thing that changed was the next game came up on the path and I opened it up. I was genuinely stunned. Not because of the mind numbing, brain draining, impossibility of winning, but because I had spent so much time being mind stuck and brain numbed. But still I had to investigate and so I went back to replay the game. Again I won, this time with a higher score.

It wasn’t about the game, it was about what had changed in me. I stopped worrying about the time bombs and just wanted to see the bangs of the big bombs. I wasn’t worried about the cherry getting home, just about the amount of damage I could do before the game ended.

Sillyphosothy clicked in. I was being bloody silly, I had allowed a game to take over my thought patterns. How was I going to approach it, what moves would I make first, when was my next free life available. I had kept the tablet upstairs until game 365. However, it started to creep down stairs every day.

I’d won the game, on to the next level.

I’m a stickler for lists and keeping up with things and I hadn’t noticed any difference in my routine apart from swopping the game for reading and although not necessary it did erk somewhat because I had left Julius Cesar on the cusp of his election with the withdrawal of Pompey and the desertion of Brutus to contend with. When I went back last night I was pleased to see that he had succeeded as he has done a thousand and one times in plays and stories.

This morning I had an epiphany that could only have come from the playing of Candy Crush, here come the sillyphosothy part.

“It’s not the playing it’s the taking part that count?”


It’s just a game, it’s not real?”


I realised that I was playing to win, not for fun. The game had become a challenge not a distraction. I’d overcome that challenge by removing the end goal and concentrating on having fun.

A whole lot of ideas flooded into my brain, yep, I do have one.

Fat club. I enjoy going on a Thursday night. Sometimes I lose and sometimes I gain. A loss being a win, a gain a loss, obviously. For the rest of the week I have been concentrating on keeping myself under the radar of the syn police to lose the weight instead of just enjoying what the new diet has to offer. I have fruit all the time, that by itself isn’t going to get me anywhere. I’ve started to eat more protein and less carbs, no that isn’t going to work. I’m not going to lose the weight by knocking the candy on its head either, exercise alone isn’t going to do it, and that one day on Thursday isn’t the only weigh in day I have. I have to take the whole thing and watch the bombs go off. The fruit and veg, the protein, the carbs, the exercise and be aware that every day is important, not just Thursday. In time I’ll get through this level and on to the next. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy what is on other.

A simple game, gave me an insight into what I already know, how I already have the tools and if I stop trying to get to the goal and do my best during the game I can win.

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