Balance of what!

Balance is all,
Balance is good,
Balance should always,
Be understood.

I can’t stand on one leg,
Draw a pose,
I look more like an elephant,
In ill fitting clothes.

Balance of life,
Balance of mind,
Balance of everything,
All different kinds.

I tried meditation,
One eye on the clock,
I tried running once,
I got round the block.

Balance and harmony,
Balance of thought,
Balance of work,
And life we are taught.

Carrying dogs,
Muddy and wet,
I can’t think of work,
As I phone the vet.

Balance to end,
Balance to start,
Balance the day,
Is always an art.

Get up, get out,
I’ll do it tomorrow,
For today I need time,
Do you have some I could borrow.

Balance be dammed,
Balance yourself,
Balance the book,
Of life on the shelf.

Get up, get out,
As you leave close the door,
Who can be bothered,
We all know the score.

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