Note to the Thief

Do you think,
Does it even cross your mind,
Do you even realise,
The damage you leave behind.

Do you think,
The damage that you do,
You don’t just wreck a car,
You wreck a life or two.

Do you think,
The cost is more than money,
It’s the fear you cause,
It really isn’t funny.

Every time I hear,
The siren going past,
I wonder if it’s you,
That’s finally caught at last.

Did you think,
Of the man that isn’t able,
Whose life you have invaded,
Could have been disabled.

Did you think,
Or am I correct in thinking,
That when you stole from us,
You didn’t have an inkling.

Did you think,
You’d get away scot free,
I have one thing to say,
On conscience may it be.

For maybe not tomorrow,
Nor in a week or three,
One day you’ll have it happen,
Then you’ll feel as bad as me.

So to the thief that stole,
Not just a piece of metal in the night,
I say that when they steal from you,
I’ll have no sympathy for your plight.

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