No show

“I’ll go” she said,

Well would you know,

She said she would,

She said she’d go.

I’ll wear a dress,

She said at last,

I’ll wear it smart,

It will be a blast.

Maybe trousers,

Something classy,

Not knowing what,

She was getting arsy.

Black or blue,

Something refined,

Something new,

She had to find.

Why did she say,

She would go,

Every time,

She doesn’t know.

Scanning through,

The online sites,

That wouldn’t suit,

But that one might.

Not long left,

Before the date,

Her body she,

Began to hate.

I’ve got jeans,

A smart top too,

I’m sorry that,

Will have to do.

“I’ll go,” she said,

They should have known,

She wouldn’t go,

She’s never shown.

It’s not the way,

She dressed you see,

It’s the way she felt,

Not like you and me.

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