A woman’s main concern

One new, one old,
One that’s getting near its end,
The new one is too stiff to wear,
The old one, my dear friend.
I’ll throw away the pink one there,
It’s had its time,
Its wear and tear,
I’ll have to break,
The new one in,
Until it’s like my second skin.
Figure it out,
Clip it up,
Twist around,
Like a new born pup.
Wriggle struggle,
Jiggle them right,
Until the boobs,
Are out of sight.
The new one can go back again,
The old one isn’t cutting muster,
The pink one with its tatty lace,
Is holding up my cluster.
A bra you see,
Must sit and swing,
Holding up,
And holding in.
Losing weight and changing shape,
Getting old with boobs that drape,
A bra must be a hero,
A defender of my youthful pride,
I have to have that confidence,
As I skip and stride.
New bras old bras,
Underwired and super firm.
A bra is everything you see,
A woman’s main concern.

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