You can’t escape The Sun

The maiden sighs,
As hawthorns bloom,
The birds fly overhead.

The Sun has risen,
In the sky,
As I get out of bed.

An early morning walk,
For us,
Myself and our old gel,

As everyone,
Stays safe inside,
Hoping to stay well.

Stay safe my friend,
I post each day,
To everyone I know.

I need to be,
With nature now,
But fear is everywhere I go.

The maidens touch,
At Springs approach,
Cannot be stopped you see,

The singing of the birds,
As with the blossom,
On the tree.

The Sun is up,
The Earth is warm,
Everyone’s inside.

Stay safe I say,
To everyone,
There’s nowhere you can hide.

For looking out,
The window,
Opening your door.

You can’t escape,
The Sun my dear,
As it rises today once more.

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