Just a Dream

It’s a good job that dreams are just that, dreams. Although I woke up this morning laughing to myself and feeling really cheerful. What a dream, I mean I could never have made up this story, not even in my erh…. I know, the saying is Wildest Dreams. Sit back with a cuppa, this is gonna be a tad strange.

It all began last night with a friend of mine from University, on Facebook. I did one of those, count the pencils and give your answer in the comment’s things. I expected her to get it right and I duly sent her the PM that said she had to post the meme next, which of course she refused. So sensible our Sue. So, it was of no surprise when I found myself in a dream in a class room with her by my side.

The problem I have with dreams about University are twofold. I always dream that I can’t remember which classes I have to go to and in which room they are to be held, and I always seem to have left all my notes at home. I wasn’t a straight A student but I did alright and came out with a 2i. Average I suppose. There I was back in a huge auditorium listening to two lecturers, I knew them both and recognised immediately that I was taking Psychology, again! There I was next to Sue without notes, nor folder and not knowing where I was going to go once the lecture ended when this two inch tall (I kid you not, please remember this is a dream) woman with a tiny spray bottle was shouting doom and gloom to the World and spraying people in the face. Deb, one of my lecturers asked her to stop and come down to the front. Sue had been sprayed and I was to say the least, bemused and pissed off.

The tiny woman flew down the centre gangway and to the front of the hall, I don’t know why, but I followed. She began to spray others and I grabbed her by the throat. Now I’m not a violent woman, yes verbally aggressive. Plainly put, I’ve got the mouth of Hella on me. Wish I had her looks and power.

Hand around her throat, (At this point you may be wondering why I woke up laughing, stick with it, it gets funny) I tried to pin her to the floor and began in my best counsellor voice to get her to see the error of her ways. My lecturers stood over us and started to mark my performance, umming and erring and generally approving of my methods. I was really proud of myself, until the tiny shit squeaking bitch began to bite me and I had to let her go.

Interlude: The counsellor bit can be explained. We were watching Star Trek last night. The one where Counsellor Troy lost her empathic abilities and I mentioned to Mark that I could do her job. He gave me a strange look and mentioned that everyone would have a good idea what was wrong with them. When I asked what he meant, he replied, “Well you are good at telling people exactly what you think is wrong with them, whether they want to know or not.”

Lucky the nearest weapon I had was my finger, or I would be cleaning blood off the settee this morning. Any way back to the dream.

Going back to my seat a tiny orange and black clad Power Ranger figure flew past me and brought down the water squitter. Stay with it. They fought in the air, there were flames coming from the heels of the Power Ranger as he fought valiantly to control the little bitch. They flew out of the room.
The screen at the front of the hall burst in to life and it was like watching a Marvel film with the Power Ranger battling the, I really need to give this thing a name, how about, Shit Imp. That will do. I cheered for the Power Ranger who now was beginning to look rather familiar. Then the scene changed and adverts came up, and before the chase began again a profile of the Power Ranger was shown. It was my friend Chris. Now Chris is bald, I mean as in smooth skinned with a tattooed head. This guy had a full mullet of super wavy blonde locks but it was definitely our Chris. I could not stop laughing as the rest of the hall cheered him on to victory when at last he put the Shit Imp in a cage. Now you have to remember that although on the screen in front of us the combatants where full sized, this was in fact a dream and they were on two inches tall.

When this tiny Power Ranger in his bright orange and black suit flew back into the room, I noticed his boots, pants and socks sitting on the bench next to us and Sue and I just looking at him. I woke in absolute hysterics, you see our Chris is far from the heroic, and far from being tall but he is in fact taller than two inches.

It was a strange dream and one that cheered me up immensely. I like to put meanings to my dreams, the psychology lecture is obvious I’m studying whilst at home, Sue was obvious we spoke last night and we met at University. The Shit Imp is explainable, I’m struggling with the idiots not taking precautions at the moment and she represented the ones not keeping their social distance. But Chris? I think its time I called him, I miss our talks and he always makes me laugh. Wait until I tell him about my dream, I’m looking forward to our conversation today. Not sure about him being a Super Hero though. Really got to stop watching the Marvel Movies, whatever next, Mark as the Hulk?

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  1. Dreams are awesome. I love how they switch stories, mid-flow. In the minutes before I woke this morning, I dreamed that our cats brought 10 mice in without killing them, and left them in a tidy pile next to where I was sitting. There’s always that moment when you wake up from a vivid dream, and realise it wasn’t real 🙂


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