Slimming World Special

With gratitude,
We start the day,
We have a shower,
Then on our way,
A stretch, a coffee,
A full blown fry up,
What’s that I see,
And you’re on a diet!

The morning chores,
The drive to work,
The picky colleague,
The inconsiderate burk,
The choice is there,
To grab a snack,
Pick up the chocolate,
Then put it back.

Opting for,
A healthy apple,
With your lunch box,
You begin to grapple.
Pasta, tuna,
Sweetcorn salad,
You listen to,
The other’s ballad.

You’re sick of hearing,
“You can eat that too!”
Jacket spuds,
And vindaloo?
That’s a lot of food,
If you’re on a diet.”
You wish you could,
Have lunch in quiet.

The afternoon,
You’re dead on your feet,
You look for something,
Good to eat.
To happen on,
A bag of crisps,
The salty taste,
Hangs on your lips.

Home at last,
To chips and curry,
You prepped this morning,
There is no hurry.
You settle down,
With wine in hand,
A perfect day,
It’s gone to plan.

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