8am Boogey

Oh blimey,
Gone and done it ag’en,
I tried to stop,
But now and then,
It gets to me,
Gets in my soul,
Deep down inside,
That Rock and Roll,
I tap a while,
And then I sway,
Tap my fingers,
In that annoying way.
Then I do a little wiggle,
Get up and look,
Before I giggle.
No one there,
To stop and stare,
I check for hubby,
But he’s upstairs.
Twist and bop.
The music rises,
I’m going well,
I’ll not win prizes,
The purple jarmers,
I still have on,
You know the ones,
Where the elastics gone.
Begin to slip,
Oh hell why not,
To the floor,
I let them drop.
Up the collar,
Like Tom Cruise,
It’s 8am,
Too early for booze.
I’m swinging now,
No one to stop me,
I turn around,
To see my hubby.
He smiles,
And before I know it,
He’s taken me,
Into his grip.
It’s 8am,
The music slows,
It gets romantic,
That’s how it goes.
I’ll leave the rest,
For you to surmise,
What happened next,
Is not for your eyes.

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