About Jenny

It’s funny how life turns out. No one expects the child who grows into a pain in the arse. No one expects divorce or ill health, although I’m not too sure which one is worse, but me, I never expected to get to the age of 30. It’s true. There were five of us at school who swore blind that if we ever got to 30 we would commit mass suicide. Little did I know then that at the age of 52, two of us would still be exchanging Christmas and Birthday cards. She came to both my weddings and I went to her mother’s funeral. It’s a strange relationship, what more can I say.
So here I am still going 22 years after the dead line! Excuse the pun. Married with a wayward daughter who left home at 16, thank God. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and we get on fine together when we see each other, every other month, but I feel sorry for her live in boyfriend, although I like him even less than I do my neighbour, and that’s saying something.
This is my life story, for as long as I wish to tell it. I won’t bother with the past, all you need to know is I’m a married again wife, mother and stepmother to three step sons.